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I was featured in a one page article in Artists & Illustrators magazine.

I very much enjoyed Christine McArthur's exhibition at The Scottish Gallery and also her artist talk at the gallery. It was interesting to hear about her time at Glasgow School of Art in the early seventies when I was there also. Though she was far more successful there in D&P than myself and was awarded a post diploma year there seemed to be much that she didn't enjoy. She gave a most entertaining and down to earth talk.

MARCH 2019


Confession: I get a bit lazy sometimes on updating my website! So it's catch up time.

Apart from my own exhibitions last year (obviously) the big highlight for me was Barabara Rae's exhibition at the RSA "The Northwest Passage". Must be one of the best shows I have seen. Inspired me to do some mixed media paintings on a larger scale than I had done before – I had only really done small studies previously. Must admit I really enjoyed them and have included five of them in my upcoming Panter & Hall show (not in catalogue). I definitely loosened up more though not as much as I would like to. I hope to return to doing more of them and at a larger scale maybe towards the end of the year.

Have been reading Elizabeth Cumming's new book on Robin Philipson. Lovely book and very well illustrated, a good read but a bit impersonal. I have now gone back to W Gordon Smith's earlier book on Philipson. It's a much more lively and personal read though ithere could be more picture titles! I have my copy of Smith's great book on David Donaldson lined up to read again also. Great paintings of course as well as highly colourful interviews with Donaldson!


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>>> February 2018

In May we had a great trip in our caravan to Fortrose, Gairloch and Ullapool. Then followed the weather to Ben Nevis campsite at Fort William and had four peaceful days there. There were a lot of very old vintage cars in the campsite gathered for the unveiling in Forth William centre of a life-size bronze sculpture of a Ford Model T. Remarkably in 1911 one was driven to the top of Ben Nevis by Henry Alexander Jr. Apparently it took several attempts over five days by Alexander and his team. The descent was filmed and can be seen at:
and also on Youtube.


I recently came across an excellent recording on Youtube by Martin Gayford (author of Man with a Blue Scarf, about sitting for a portrait by Lucien Freud) describing his visit and interview with Euan Uglow:

Youtube is a great source of art vdeos. I have been watching some on Richard Diebenkorn and also Wayne Thiebaud. After many years I have finally gotten around to buying books on these two American west coast artists. Diebenkorn is probably best known for his Ocean Park series of large abstracts. But he also spent a period in his career when he returned to figurative subject matter, including townscapes and some extremely painterly, small still life paintings of simple everyday objects.

Wayne Thiebaud started off as a cartoonist and eventually turned to painting, becoming famous for his luscious oil paintings of pastries and cakes amongst other subjects. He has been considered as part of the pop art movement but he really is just a great painter. He is now 97, still working – and playing tennis!