A Painter's Scotland
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Charles Simpson


I've had the idea of writing a book for several years utilising my large collection of professionally taken images of my paintings. I thought it should be about Scotland but I just didn't know where to start or quite what to write. I wasn't equipped to write a travelogue or guide to Scotland.

Somehow I just started writing stuff earlier this year and it all came together in two or three months. So it has ended up as a book about me and my life as a painter, some of my thoughts on painting, descriptions of my travels around Scotland with my wife Mary, and then chapters on my favourite locations and areas: Clovenfords & the Scottish Borders, Arisaig to Mallaig, Iona & Mull, Islands, Achiltibuie & the Summer Isles, and the North West.

Having trained and worked a a book designer I have put the whole thing together myself and have self published a short run of copies.


Paperback 210 x 210 mm

144 pages

Full colour throughout with my own paintings and photographs

ISBN 978 0 9552954 5 4

£15.00 per copy (free postage)


Payment by cheque (payable to Charles Simpson) or by bank transfer (details on request):

Charles Simpson


Bowland Road




email: inglecraig@btinternet.com

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